50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (2023)

Looking to find Social Skills Worksheets for Kids to help you incorporate social emotional learning in your curriculum? These fantastic hands-on materials will help engage and motivate your students to practice being inclusive and kind.

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50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (1)

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (2)
After trailing the internet for some ideas on how to teach social skills. These free printable social skills games and ideas are great for elementary kids.

I am currently in the process of using these ideas in incorporating social skills with my ESL bunch whilst teaching literacy etc.

The best way to incorporate these social skills activities is to actually model positive social behavior at all times.

No matter how hard this can be when student A is jumping up and down on the table and student B is throwing tantrums in the middle of your center activities.

It is so easy to lose our cool and it takes a matter of seconds. When I started teaching, I started witha Kindergarten class and I was really really tested!

You’ve come to the right place because on this page, I’ve outline some free printable social skills games and hands-on ways to learn.

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Social Skills Worksheets for Kids

social skills activities for kids are important for their personal development and also for the development of their social relationships.

A child who has good social skills is more likely to be accepted by peers, have a higher self-esteem, and be more successful in school and work.

In today’s society, good social skills are important to succeed in all aspects of life.

When putting together our lesson plans, we want to be sure that social skills are incorporated in a way that helps us infuse these skills while working on key learning areas too.

The social skills activities worksheets in this post will help provide you with ample opportunities and activities to enhance your lessons.

Best of all? They are mostly free!

Why do we need to teach social skills?

The role of social skills for kids is to enhance the ability of a child to interact with others and develop relationships.

These are essential life skills that are important for success in school, work, and other aspects of life.

There are many benefits of social skills for kids activities. They help children learn how to take turns, share, be assertive without being aggressive and more.

They also help children develop empathy and compassion which is important in the world we live in today.

Social skills for kids activities can be done at home or at school with peers or teachers.

There are many social skills activities for preschoolers that can be done such as playing games, reading books together, going on field trips, volunteering together and more!

So here are some ideas I have used in the past and some new ones which I have used recently.

I hope you could use some of these with your students.

Picture Books to Teach Social Emotional Skills

Books for social skills kids can teach them the necessary skills to interact with others in a constructive manner.

Use some of the free printable social skill worksheets below to help you along with these books.

Social skills are essential for children to develop and grow. They help them become better and more successful adults.

There are many books that offer advice on how to develop social skills in children, but here are some of the best-selling ones:

1) “Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” by Karen L. Kratochwill, PhD

2) “The Social Skills Picture Book” by Dr. Kevin Dutton

Children’s Social Skills Books for the Classroom include:

Use some books by popular authors to demonstrate appropriate behavior. Dr. Seuss is a loved author – his books truly speak to the child’s heart.

These are my absolute favourites from Amazon!

Social Skills Activities Worksheets List

I will start with one of the free social skills worksheets pdf printable that encourages kids to accept losing and that it is a part of winning.

This is from the Teaching Trove and it is a FREE download. Check it out HERE.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (4)

There’s something special about me. Encourage kids to discuss what is special about them. This will in turn help develop self-esteem and confidence skills.

Child anger management worksheets

Another one of the free social skills worksheets that I love using is story templates.

Theseanger social story templates are perfect for any classroom and grade level!

There are empty templates for you to add your own written story as well.

Directing kids to appropriate behavior in social situations can be hard. But that’s why these social skills activities for kids exist!

Have you had kids express more anger recently? It’s not because they actually like to be angry.

It’s usually a result of something else they are lacking or need.

It’s important we help them manage this anger in a healthy way. Use some of these social skills lesson plans to help you and the students along the way.

Showing them what other positive things they can do to calm down and get back to that calm zone.

Perhaps even talk about what is making them angry.

I recently made theseanger social story templatesfor quite a number of my students, I can’t believe how much they worked. The template below, I just added to their binders.

This template is one of my favorite social skills worksheets free that I use in my classroom.

Social skills activities for preschoolers pdf

Whenever they felt angry, we pulled out this binder page and they choose an action to take then drew how they felt after taking this action.

It was genius! I am always happy to help other parents and teachers navigate this difficult task oftackling healthy social emotional learning skills(which we do on a daily basis whether we realise it or not).

Just click on the image to go to the post and get your own templates.

This one is a simple one page handout which encourages children to write about themselves and hence increases their self-worth and motivation.

This can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

It is a part of my full social skills activity pack HERE.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (6)

This social emotional learning worksheet is perfect for any season, we use it year round!

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (7)

These social skill worksheets are easy to prep, just print and have the kids work on their responses. Kindergarten and preschool kids will need more support.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (8)

This anchor chart is also a FREE anchor chart listed in the free pack above.

I show courage when… Great to hang in the classroom and discuss ways in which children can show that they’re brave.

Some examples are; standing up for others, helping others, saying the truth (even though it might hurt them) etc.

If you need more kindergarten social skills lesson ideas, these are a good starting point.

Help kids understand what showing courage means.

Display this poster in the classroom or have them color in the black and white version of the poster!

These posters are a great way to make fun social skills activities in the classroom applicable.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (9)

Download this FREEBIE HERE.

Grab the full activity pack HERE.

Here is a list of MUST teach children’s skills in any classroom. I found this to be very helpful.

These ideas for social skills activities for kindergarten are a hit! They include some classroom activities and ideas on how you can teach each one. Find the link to the post HERE.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (10)

Check out these 50 Goals for Social Skills to add to your IEPs!

Social Skills Worksheets for Kindergarten PDF

I love working on an inclusive environment in classrooms, especially between peers. Especially when looking for social skills for kindergarten pdf ideas!

Children learn by example, so showing them how they can be friends with others, how they can learn to cooperate with others is an essential component.

Read all about friendship and what you can do if a child isn’t making friends right here. This is a fun social skills lesson for early elementary students.

This printable ‘ice cream’ worksheet activity gets students to write all about what makes a good friend.

Get your copy by clicking the link ot the image below.

This next one is a great set of posters to encourage being friends and acceptance. It’s a great way to incorporate social thinking activities for preschoolers.

This one is great for kindergarten, as the set of posters include several key vocabulary which kindergarten kids at that age are quite new to.

This is from Digital Divide and Conquer. Check out the FREE download HERE.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (13)

How do we encourage kids to give a compliment? WHy is this important?

When we teach children to give and recieve compliments, we help them realise their worth and good qualities in their friend. This in turn blossoms into appreciation.

Appreciating what is good in others and in yourself.

It’s a great way to build self-confidence skills in themselves and in others!

This one is a simple activity page from the free social skills workbook pdf where children write down compliments to their classmates and what they think they are good at.

You can find the full printable social skills activities for elementary kids curriculum here.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (14)

Teaching peace is essential. Kids learn to keep the peace by watching others who are older than they are, like the teachers and the adults in their lives.

This social skill activity for preschoolers is one that is simple and perfect for this age group.

Help them recognise how to keep the peace with actions, but also working on printables and crafts to maintain this knowledge enhances their learning.

Peace begins with me – also another printable which helps encourage children to think positively and value their classmates.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (15)

This adorablePeace Teaching Social Skills Bookhelps children understand the importance and meaning of peace. Download the printable book and use it with your students in class or at home!

To enhance social skills for elementary students, we need to incorporate lots of anchor charts and posters to help them be reminded of what they learned of everyday!

Here’s a super cute anchor chart titled “when something is bugging me…”

Which is a great way for kids to learn how to act when someone is not begin friendly to them or annoying them in some way.

This anchor chart is just adorable! I am not an artist (and quite frankly a 2-year-old can draw better than me) but I won’t image that this beetle would be so hard to draw up on a simple anchor chart. Find the link HERE.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (17)

If someone is annoying your kids or students, the best thing you can do is to tell them to stop.

If they don’t listen, then it’s time to take action. You can tell an adult, or if the person is a family member, you can talk to them about it.

This printable can also fit social skills worksheets for special education. So the bundle can be differentiated

If your kids are old enough to understand what’s going on, you might want to talk with them about how they should respond when people are being mean or obnoxious.

Explain that it’s not okay for anyone to be mean or hurtful and that they should always feel comfortable telling an adult when something like this happens.

This awesome poster is also a great one to use for when kids get annoyed with someone and how to behave.

Download the social skills printable worksheets and use for FREE. The link is right HERE or click on the picture.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (18)

Social Skills Posters for the Classroom FREE

Get the free social skills for elementary students printable activities from the form below.

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (19)

I hope that some of these ideas will be useful for you! Scroll down for some more behavior management videos.

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Grab your FREE social skills pack below:

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (20)

Highly Successful Strategies to Guide Children’s Behavior

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (21)

This video shows teachers how they can successfully guide children’s behaviour right from the get go!

From the author: “See a diverse group of teachers use a variety of proven supportive guidance techniques to foster positive prosocial behavior and self regulation in the early childhood classroom.

Classroom management and discipline are among the most challenging issues that teachers report.”

How to Calm Children Down in Minutes

50+ Fantastic & Free Social Skills Worksheets for Kids! (22)

I found this strategy SO USEFUL to use with kids! From the author:

“Use this easy technique to relax and calm a group of children and prepare them to learn! Videos created by Cassie Stephens.”

Free social skills printables

Don’t forget to get your free printable social skills worksheets for elementary students.

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